Diet Diaries- Day Three

Day three and I’m down another pound.  Wow!!  After patting myself on the back, I started to realize this is always what happens in the beginning of my diet.  I’m going really strong, willpower is amazing, and the pounds are coming off.  Then, something inevitably happens and I fall off the wagon.  I’m trying to make a conscious effort to really think, really be in the diet, not just do it.  I’m trying to think of all the triggers that make me reach for that cake, those cookies, etc.  I read somewhere that one winner from Biggest Loser  ( I hate to be redundant, but come on, it really is inspirational) has been successful at keeping her weight off because she changed her relationship with food. She became conscious of her choices . She made a lifestyle change and lifestyle implies a choice. A diet has a start and an end, her life is everyday.  So, thinking about that has really helped me focus on the ultimate goal.  Not just to diet, and lose the weight, but to make healthy choices, to make this part of my life.  As Richard Simmons famously said, it’s not a diet, but a live it!!

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So, I began my day with coffee.  Two egg whites and one whole egg filled me up.  One thing that I tend to do is repeat what I eat.  I find that if I allow myself more choices, then I start to think of all the things I want to eat, and before I know it, I’ve eaten more than I should have.  So for now, I will stick with what feels comfortable.  I went to bootcamp and felt really energetic.  I needed that energy, it was a really tough class.

Lunch was a repeat of day 2- Salmon on a bed of quinoa, mushrooms and onions, and sesame broccoli.  It was such a gorgeous day, and I decided to take advantage of the fantastic weather.  I went bike riding to the Atlantic Beach boardwalk.  Now that the weather is finally (I hope) nice, I look forward to doing this every day.

At four o’clock, I realized I was hungry, and realized I hadn’t had a morning snack. Another amazingly satisfying chocolite snack and i was satisfied.

Dinner was grilled chicken with vegetables.  I was completely satisfied, until around 7 o’clock, so I grabbed some juicy grapefruit.  Since I had to cook dinner for the family, I didn’t feel as pampered, as spoiled as I did yesterday.  One thing I did do, was I didn’t graze the way I usually do.  Even though I made a totally healthy dinner for the family, I didn’t eat a bite.  It is so nice that they are all being supportive.  Usually, someone is sabotaging my diet.  Now, they are cheering me on.  Thanks guys!!!

Around 8 o’clock my daughter invited me over to sit on her wonderful porch that overlooks the Atlantic Beach Bridge.  Knowing I’m on this diet, she make me the most delicious homemade diet lemonade.  Such a nice treat!!!

One thing Rachael stressed, and I am trying to be aware of, is to drink, drink, drink.  I do tend to forget to do it.  I’ve been carrying around 1.5 liter bottles just so I can drink more.  I have noticed in every article I read about dieting, one 0f the things they always stress is drinking water. Also, to make small steps.  To take things on slowly.  I know exercise is important, and that is really not the problem for me.  I have also been struggling with the age factor.  I know I’m not alone in this.  A lot of my friends who are my age have also told me they struggle.  It’s as if my body knows I’ve reached that magic age, and automatically adds on the pounds.  I try to used the mantra that age is just a number, it’s all about how you feel.  Right now, I’m excited.  Excited about the opportunity.  Excited that once and for all, I can conquer the reasons behind why the scale never seems to get past a certain number.  Here’s to moving forward!!


Until tomorrow…………………………

About Lisa Altabe:
A graduate from New York’s Stern College for Women and Brooklyn College Master’s program in Guidance and Counseling, Lisa is  currently teaching Psychology and AP Psychology in Torah Academy for Girls High school. Lisa has four children, and four grandchildren. Lisa  is an avid exerciser who just can’t seem to take off those frustrating pounds that come with being “middle age”.  She hopes that with the help of Rachel and  Quick N’ Lite maybe she can finally be rid of the extra weight.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your articals and will make a point of returning offten.

  2. Great to see someone is on top of this as you are.

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